Disasters come in many forms. They can be natural such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes and snowstorms. They can be man-made such as asbestos or lead in homes and buildings. They can be the result of fire and water or even demolition projects. No one and nowhere is immune.

That is when the rapid response team from Bergman Brothers Environmental Staffing becomes your 24/7 rescue squad.

Our rescue team is professionally trained, certified and, as a federal government vendor, we have all necessary clearances to access any job site, anywhere.

Bergman Brothers Environmental Staffing recruits aggressively and has developed a large database of qualified responders thus enhancing our ability to find the perfect match of candidates in order to anticipate the fluctuating and special needs of our client partners regardless of the circumstances. We don’t just work in the disaster recovery industry, we are involved in it as we attend a wide variety of applicable conferences and are always working with the various states to expedite the licensing process.