We understand the immediacy of environment staffing needs for projects, and we appreciate how important it is to make the right temporary, part-time, or full-time hire. At Bergman Brothers Environment Staffing, our recruiters provide immediate access to highly skilled Fire and Water Restoration, Demolition, Mold Remediation, Asbestos Removal and Lead Abatement, Hazmat/Hazwoper, Hydro-Blasting and Industrial Vacuuming, and Installation and Removal of Industrial Insulation —all of whom have been interviewed and skills evaluated and certification included before we introduce them to you. This allows you to more easily choose the best candidate for your projects or environment staffing needs.

Our recruiters have extensive industry experience to meet your needs—whether you’re looking for temporary, part-time, or full-time environment skills. Bergman Brothers Environment Staffing also understands that you often need professionals quickly; that’s where our environment staffing services can really save the day. We can provide immediate access to the workers you require, backed by a customer service guarantee. Ask your local office for details.

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Temporary/Flexible Staffing

By fully understanding the staffing requirements of our client partners, we are able to establish a core group of employees, with the necessary skill sets, to meet the demands that can result from emergencies of peak demands for productivity. This flexible strategy provides the client partner with more effective control of their payroll dollar.

Temporary to Full/Part-time Staffing

If a client partner has one of our temporary employees that they would like to move to a permanent full or part-time position, the employee will remain on the Bergman Brothers’ payroll for 18 weeks or 720 hours, whichever is greater. This enables the client partner to fully observe the employee’s skills, productivity and attitude before making a hiring commitment. This helps to reduce turnover and avoids unemployment and worker compensation costs during this transition period.

Direct Hire

Candidates can be directly referred to our client partners to fill full and part-time openings. We recruit only the most qualified candidates for each opening, and their references have been checked, skills evaluated and background information verified. In addition, Bergman Brothers Environmental Staffing offers a 60-day replacement guarantee on all direct placements. If the new employee leaves the position for any reason other than lack of work, we will supply, on a one-time basis, a replacement candidate at no cost to the client partner.

Project Manager/On-Site Coordinator

Hours on-site are flexible and mutually determined by the client partner and Bergman Brothers. The project manager is responsible for implementing our customer service, follow through, system. Recruiting, interviewing and testing of potential additional employees, as well as payroll administration, continues to be done through our corporate office unless otherwise specified.

Facility (On-Site) Staffing

Bergman Brothers Environmental Staffing is able to facilitate the entire functionality of a department or activity at the client partner’s work site using their facility for a negotiated price. We would be responsible for all recruiting, staffing, training and management of that department’s employees with the client partner providing the location, equipment and supplies.

Payroll Services

We provide a payroll service through which the client partner’s employees, or any portion thereof, become employees of Bergman Brothers Environmental Staffing. While on our payroll, these employees are covered under our worker’s compensation insurance, and we pay all applicable federal and state payroll taxes and insurance.